I have no excuse
I just really, really love Captain America, okay.

Continuation of my Parks and Recreation AU (3 of 3- credit to my twitter pals who gave me some of the cutest ideas!

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Continuation of my Parks and Recreation AU (2 of 3- credit to my twitter pals who gave me some of the cutest ideas!

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Continuation of my Parks and Recreation AU (1 of 3) - credit to my twitter pals who gave me some of the cutest ideas!

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drawings of my sons

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Commission of modern day Steve and Peggy! I like to think they’re listening to “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday in this picture.

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I’ve been given the go-ahead to post this piece that I did for the Brooklyn Zine run by Aimee! I hope everyone who went to the launch or ordered the zine loves it - I had a lot of fun drawing this!

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This is my to-do list for my summer break.. In 2015 I will be attending SMASH, Oz Comic Con and maybe Supanova if I can get things ready in time! Is there anything else you might want to see from me at a convention?

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Do you have any other hogwarts headcanons for the rest of the avengers?

Yes I do!! They’re not very well-formulated or thought out because this is the kind of thing I think about when i’m on the train or waiting for samples to incubate in the lab haha! but anyway!

  • Tony Stark - Gryffindor or Ravenclaw
    I know Tony has the mind of a scientist (which to me is extremely Ravenclaw), but he also enjoys being the centre of attention so that seems to be more of a Gryffindor trait. Also his bravery and direct approach to confrontation (added to the fact that he isn’t afraid to stand up to someone even if they’re on the same side as him) seem like very Gryffindor traits to me. I’m still not too sure about what house he’d be in though!
  • Bruce Banner - Ravenclaw
    I think Bruce is 100% Ravenclaw. He loves learning more than anything, to the point where he endangered his life and permanently altered himself while experimenting! He seems to be quite happy to be alone working on projects in his lab, and that sounds very  Ravenclaw to me!
  • Natasha Romanoff - Slytherin
    Seeing as Natasha’s “very specific skill set” lies mainly in manipulation and interrogation, I think she suits Slytherin. She also isn’t overly cautious and she will put herself at risk to protect others because she has faith in her ability (i.e. calming Bruce when he was hulking out on the helicarrier, and when she shooed away civilians as she was being chased by the Winter Soldier). I like that a lot about her.
  • Clint Barton - Hufflepuff
    Clint is a hard worker. Although everything goes wrong for him,  he will get back on the house and try again every single time. He wants to help people, and I think the fact that he “made a different call” when he was sent to kill Natasha speaks volumes about his capacity to care.
  • Nick Fury - Slytherin
    Nick Fury gets things done. He isn’t afraid to make sacrifices and difficult decisions if it means the tide will turn in the direction he needs it to. Like Natasha, he isn’t afraid to manipulate people (i.e. with Coulson’s blood-stained trading cards), and he plays his hand close to his chest to ensure his and others’ safety.
  • Sam Wilson - Hufflepuff
    Sam is one of the greatest friends you could have. He recognised the good in Steve and was completely loyal to him. He puts his energy into the wellbeing of others more than he does for himself (i.e. running a PTSD group for war survivors, offering Steve his help after only having met him twice, being the person beside Steve’s bed in hospital etc). Sam is a great guy!! 
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all this time i thought you were rad, but it turns out you're a nerd

i’m both man, i can’t help it

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Why did you sort Steve into Slytherin? Just curious

Well, there’s a couple reasons why I thought he’d be Slytherin rather than Gryffindor (all though he could go either way probably):

  • Ambition - Steve aspired to be great, and he was completely focused on getting enlisted. He probably would have broken every law under the sun if it meant he could get where he wanted to be.
  • Strategy - I feel that Slytherins are better strategists than Gryffindors, because they plan things carefully rather than rushing into them. I think Steve was quite brash and impulsive when he was younger, but as he matured, he became a much more resourceful and logical thinker. 
  • Strong leader - because Steve’s leadership convinced even Tony Stark to say, “Call it, Captain.”
  • Loyalty - Steve loves fiercely and goes against the grain to protect someone he loves… I mean, he dropped his shield and completely surrendered to the Winter Soldier, because he believed in Bucky and was with him “till the end of the line.”
  • Cunning - I think this trait is most apparent when Steve took the flagpole down to get the flag instead of climbing the pole.

I know a lot of people might disagree, but that’s cool! let me know your opinions if you want!

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