I have no excuse
I just really, really love Captain America, okay.

countertop kisses 

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I emailed the Tumblr Support Team about getting that repost of my drawings removed and I got a truly legendary email in reply. 

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I like to think that maybe Bucky rescues an American Pit Bull and they rehabilitate each other!

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kate’s trouble-free guide on how to tell if drawings are reposts:

  1. the op will not have an art blog, regularly post art, or have an art tag. basically, if they don’t also have some other work in a feasibly similar style, they probably stole it from somewhere else
  2. the images are often cropped weirdly. this is because the op is lazy and can’t even screenshot things properly without wrecking them
  3. the images might be arranged in an order that doesn’t make sense. this is because the op has browsed an artist’s tumblr, screenshot things haphazardly and then re-uploaded them. as a result, the post will probably have no clear direction or sense of continuity
  4. there’s no artist comment, and trust me on this: we artists like to say why we drew a thing. we will rarely just post a drawing with no caption - and if we DO post one with no caption, our tags will have some frantic garbled explanation of the drawing or why we did it or what went wrong when we drew it. trust me.

how should you deal with a repost?

  • don’t reblog it
  • don’t reblog it
  • please don’t reblog it we artists are poor and frazzled so at the very least, please let us keep our dignity!!
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modern day peggy and steve sketch

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Natasha sends the cutest texts!! (sorry the pictures are so small - full view them to read the writing!)

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steve “cool dad” rogers

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did you know that hot mechanic AU’s are the most important? cause they are

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Pining vintage Bucky for Aimee

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Anonymous whispered
hello, re: your guardians of the galaxy drawings - i just wanted to let you know that the name is ronan THE ACCUSER not simply ronan

i’m not sure what you mean??? roman the acquisitor, robin raccoon and drake the destructor are my favorite characters and i love the marvel movie protectors of the universe

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