I have no excuse
I just really, really love Captain America, okay.
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your photoshop must be broken from all the gay ass shit you draw

wow thank you doctor wizard, that must be it. that’s the problem. thank u

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can anyone tell me what on earth is wrong with my photoshop?? I opened a drawing I was working on yesterday and its turned all neon and weird and ???? help ? :(

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son, just don’t. I will never draw Sherlock, not even on commission. sorry.

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Hi guys! Have you ever attended (as an artist or as a customer) the Australian convention Supanova? I have the opportunity to table at this con in 2015, and I was just wondering if a) you think my art would be at a good enough level to table in the artist alley, and b) if you think it would be worthwhile for me? I am a bit tentative cause it would mean taking time off to set up and attend the con during my Honours year… And also because tabling alone for the first time I attend a con seems a bit daunting!

Let me know what you think!

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anthony mackie not be captain america, mcu is gonna do buckycap

all i’m taking from messages like this is that there are some bitter people out there who don’t like the ray of sunshine that is sam wilson, and that just won’t fly with me. 

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you drew sam and steve really gay :/

did we watch the same movie??? because i have news for u friend, cap 2 is actually romcom of the year 2014

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I don’t know if i’m more excited for Sam Wilson being Cap or for Anthony Mackie being Cap - both of them are basically a dream come true!

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hi!!! i just wanted to say that i made one of your art pieces my desktop background (it was the one where the cap2 crew were drinking coffee - i hope that was ok? if not, please let me know and ill change it!) and every time i open my computer it makes me so happy!!!!! you are a wonderful artist and i hope your day is filled with flowers and puppies and other nice things <3

yep - that’s totally ok! I actually made that drawing specifically to be used as a desktop background :) that goes for all my other drawings too - I don’t mind if you use it as a desktop background, sidebar image, tumblr icon, facebook cover photo or twitter header (or for any other personal use you can think of!) you can even print it out and put it on your wall if you want!

the only thing i ask is that it my drawings do not get uploaded to sites like instagram, pinterest or 8tracks without linking it back to my blog. 

thank you! :)

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this is so long and so bad i’m sorry!! but here are my answers to some of the questions i’ve gotten, i hope i make sense!

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