I have no excuse
I just really, really love Captain America, okay.

thank you so much for ordering prints guys! so sorry that i haven’t been able to ship them out yet, its just a crazily busy time of the semester! they are all being shipped on friday, and each one has a little extra present inside!

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Anonymous whispered
female steve wouldn't have long hair, come on! it's impractical and would just be in her way

Why do I get a message like this every time I post a fem version of a canon male character?

Anyway, here’s what I have to say:
1. If you disagree with my idea draw your own version
2. I have played basketball, netball, soccer, cricket and done competitive horse riding all with very long (like butt length) hair! When it’s tied back, it isn’t in your way and you can do just as many movements as people with short hair can
3. If you message an artist to disagree with a drawing that is not sexist, racist, homophobic or damaging to anyone else, you have way too much time on your hands. Don’t do that.

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drew these cute girlfriends while i listened to that new beyonce radio station

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Now would be a good time to say that I’m gonna be offline until November 15th… It’s coming close to exams so I really shouldn’t be drawing until they’re finished, but I might post occasional procrastination sketches on my twitter if you’re interested! Bye guys!

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This idea sprouted from talking to Ash on twitter and asking which Pokemon these guys would use… then it evolved into an embarrassing pajama/Pokemon party and I apologise everyone… ridiculous art is my brand now. 

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Anonymous whispered
hey you should put some Sam Wilson stuff on your shop!!! i love love how you draw him and i would totally invest in that :DD

Hi there! if you could tell me specifically which ones you’d like to see, that would be great! I have done some other Sam drawings that aren’t in the shop, but that’s because they’re not at a high enough resolution to print (they would only look good at post card size). If you would still like one, let me know!

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friedscared whispered
Hello! I am an American who found your stuff through a friend and I love it! You have a great sens of humor, too! Where did you learn to draw figure proportions? Thanks!

Hi there! Thank you for the message! To be honest, the main way I learnt anatomy was by looking at people on the train… I’ve never done a life-drawing class myself, but that’s probably the best and fastest way to learn. Otherwise, practicing from deviant art stock photos is another great way to learn anatomy!

Here’s a crappy guideline on how I see proportions… Of course, every person has a different body and measurements, but I think this is a nice basic way to view it.

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tutorial  # friedscared  

I love Studio Ghibli, so I thought it would be fun to imagine what Steve, Bucky, Natasha and Sam might look like as kids drawn in the Ghibli style!

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seeing your old art on your dash like

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Hey guys! I have finally set up a shop - I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long! There’s only a few things for sale at the moment, but I’m hoping to start selling badges and bookmarks soon. If there’s a print not listed that you’d like to buy, send me a message and I’ll add it to the shop!

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